It's been a year since Flash Solitaire joined the portal. I told myself after one year, I would put up all the unlockables. Here is the list of awards you can unlock:

1 - Beat a game of solitaire
2 - Beat 5 games in a row
3 - Play 100 games of Solitaire (win or lose)
4 - Beat solitaire in under 150 seconds
5 - Buy every Deck
6 - Recieved all other awards

Some of those were a little more challenging then others, but that was the fun aspect about it. To play till all was completed. Enjoy!


From Cards, to Kills

2008-01-28 12:19:33 by Streetproject

Hey Newgrounds, haven't said anything in a while. Well, just thought I would update you. Its not like I have "Mocho Fans" or anything, but Just in case you want to know what is going on, After making my game Flash Solitaire for newgrounds with a score of about 3.3, I decided to move onto making a game in a bit of a different direction...

This new game I am making, I have taken the face of a guy I know, and he is a hitman. A men specially trained to kill, assassinate, whatever you want to call it. The unique thing about him is that he is not a regular killer, he is specially trained in the area of homosexuality. This is a HUGE comedy action/min flash game that will be coming to you by summer. I have just started on it, but I am moving foward much faster then planned.

Now, trust me, it isn't just sensless killing, it is complete humor. Featuring real people from the world, such as Lance Bass, who you will get to meet in the very first scene. You have to earn respect from gays, and infultrate there gay clubs, so you can assassinate the gay-lords of today. With twists and turns at every part of this game, you are sure to find yourself on your toes.


The Conductor

2007-08-06 17:28:10 by Streetproject

Oh man, it didn't make it. I'll fix it up later, like seriously, HARDCORE fix it up. I will make a version 2, with a link to the older version. Anyways, I am putting this post up mainly for me. Here is the link to my baby. My dead baby....

The Conductor

FLASH Solitaire

2007-07-28 14:21:14 by Streetproject

FLASH Solitaire, similar to the solitaire on your windows computer, however you have a few extra features you might want to check out.

You have 6 awards that must be earned. Each award must be earned in some hidden way, wanting you to try your best to always do your best. After the award is earned, you can see how you recieved the award.

User Accounts
If you are having multiple people people on your computer, then you can all use different accounts, so that you don't ruin someone elses score.

Cumulative Scoring
These is no cheating, even if you exit, it will remember you played once, and add a loss to your game. Make sure you leave after you have beaten a game.

Purchasable Decks
HINT: Each deck needs to be bought, in order to win an award. It also allows you to change the backside of your cards.

Don't feel required to listen to the music, it is just there for people who need some sort of noise going on. You can just as easily mute the music, which is left muted when you start the game by default, and put on your own music to listen to. However, there is a built in music player, that features a few songs that you can find right here on the newgrounds audio portal.

Check out FLASH Solitaire on newgrounds here.